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Custom Tin Boxes

Tinco has over thirty years experience in the supply of custom tin boxes and over this time have supplied many of Australia’s premium brands with top quality custom tin boxes for packaging and promoting their premium products. 

Our reputation for supplying custom tin packaging whether full custom tin boxes or just custom logo tins continues to grow. Our knowledge and service in this area is second to none and not only have a multitude of Australian based companies availed of our service but also international companies as diverse as a middle Eastern airline, a Singapore tea supplier and even a group of Chinese department stores to name but a few have trusted us to meet their wholesale custom tins needs.

Custom tin packaging

When you start on your journey of custom tin packaging you want to be able to deal with a company that has the experience to help you circumnavigate the various hurdles ahead. This is where TINCO shines.

Right from the start a huge factor in the success of custom tin boxes or custom logo tins is getting the art work right. Of course we supply templates for whichever tins you are using but also a complete rundown on art work information. What files to use, advice re-finishes, info on embossing, the minimum thickness of fonts etc. Saves you a lot of time when you know what you need to supply.

You also have the reassurance of receiving a metal proof of your tin before proceeding to production so no possibility of any nasty surprises.

You may also need some type of insert to hold your product in place inside the tin. No problem, Tinco has it covered.

Custom tins wholesale

Tinco is also a supplier of custom tin boxes wholesale. In fact we stock a large range of matt silver, matt black and matt white tins suitable for custom logo tins. By using these blank tins and adding labels or stickers or swing tags you can create your very own custom tin packaging. This allows a huge flexibility especially when it comes to products that have a large number of varieties, think loose leaf tea and the hundreds of blends available.

Custom logo tins

As well as applying labels or stickers it is also possible for the lid of our tins to be printed in small quantities by a local printer. Ideal for custom logo tins. Once again TINCO can help you achieve this with a minimum of fuss. Our wholesale custom tins and custom tin boxes wholesale are ideal for this.

Package your products in recyclable and durable tin

Tinco has over 30 years experience working with customers who require tin packaging for their products. We stock a huge range of plain matte black, matte silver and matte white tins ready to customise with your company’s labels.

Our customers benefit from the advantages of a recyclable and durable tin – the perfect packaging solution to keep products fresh, intact and shielded from light.

From small to large, we have a tin for almost every type of product: coffee, tea, confectionary, spices, gifts, personal items, bathroom storage, kitchen storage, haberdashery... the possibilities are endless.

Hundreds of tins in stock

Tinco is renowned for having Australia’s largest range of decorative and plain tins for packaging applications. If a size you require is not stocked, we can work with you to produce the perfect tin for your needs. Talk to us today about your company’s requirements.

Create a custom designed tin range

Need a range of tins but want something more personalised than our stocked items?

Tinco offers a bespoke custom design service for customers wishing to design their own tin ranges.

A variety of colours and finishes are available, from embossing to metallic inks and even special antique surfaces. The minimum order quantity is 3000 tins per design. The only limit is your imagination... 

We work directly with you

Our 30+ years of experience in the design and supply of high quality tin products means we work with you through every step of the process to ensure your vision is attained. Company branding, colour management and quality control are the mainstays of our service.

Custom artwork preparation 

If you are about to prepare art work for the printing of your bespoke tin, the following information will help you with you with the many questions you may have.

Of course feel free to contact us if you require any clarification.

  • Make sure you have received from us an up to date template/cut guide. The cut guide shows the areas of the tin that will be visible once the tin is formed. The art should be extended 2-3mm beyond the cut guide to allow for any adjustments that need to be made by the printer.
  • Art should be saved as an ai file or in Photoshop (PSD) and DPI should be a min of 300.
  • When sending an art file it is also important to send a PDF file at the same time for viewing only, this gives us a better idea of what you are trying to achieve.
  • Art developed should be separated into no more than 30 layers.

a)   If part of the design is to be printed metallic please separately save a white layer. We will then know areas outside of the white are to be printed metallic.

b)   If the finish is a two tone finish (satin) the gloss will coat over the entire design and the matt will be printed in the required areas so the matt print area should be saved as a separate file.

c)    If you are embossing an area again this should be saved in a separate layer.

d)   Re embossing, the thinnest line can be no less than 0.6mm if the embossing follows a design but can be 0.3mm if it is a blind emboss.

e)   Embossing needs to be set at least 5mm from the top and bottom of the tin design area and 5mm from the left and right seam areas (these areas are shown on the cut guide).

       NOTE: you cannot emboss on the body of a drawn base tin.

f)     If the background colour of a design is plain, please save this as a separate layer. Thus if adjustments to images need to be made we do not need to make adjustments to the background colour or vice versa.

g)   If design has special colours please save each on a separate layer and advise matching pantone colour.

  • Art must be saved as CMYK and not RGB
  • All wording needs to be in outline, if art is being sent as an ai please save as a separate file. If art is being sent as a PSD file and has wording, please create the wording by illustrator and save as a separate file.
  • Font thickness to be min 0.1mm. Font size to be min 1.6mm
  • Wording in a colour should be made from no more than 2 of the 4 colour process colours. This is because word lines are thin and thus any printing slightly off centre will be visible, wording will look blurred.
  • Wording in black, please make it from 100% K
  • Artwork images to be saved at 100% of the size.

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